Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bold Beautiful Biathlon

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I'm Back! It's been a wacky couple of weeks, and I am finallly back in Brooks and trying to catch up with some over due editing.
In the meantime, a post. I thought I was due for one!

I'm very VERY proud of this project. The Women's National Biathlon Team has taken matters into their own hands and are raising funds for their path to The Vancouver Olympics. I was very excited when Zina Kocher contacted me months ago and asked if I would be keen to photograph their calendar. I have known some of these girls a very long time and used to train with them back in my good old cross country ski racing days. The images came together over two photo shoots and I was so very grateful that my friend and trusty studio knowledgeable dude, Adrian Marcoux agreed to help me out. You might remember him from an earlier post. Adrian was invaluable to making sure everything was spot on and I think the images are a good representation of our creativity.

NOW - the selling point! I am posting two pictures, but there are 13 images you can't see anywhere else but in the calendar. You better head HERE to secure your own copy of the calendar and support these women! The 14 month calendars go for $25/each.


So, where have I been, and why am I such a bad blogger? I was down in New York City helping my great friend and incredible photographer Alison Rossiter move her studios' around. Rough job, I know! I also headed down to Washington to visit a friend and managed a day of shopping, who can resist in NY. I'm back though and editing away. I guarantee another post this week.


  1. Very tastefully done. Have to admit first glance the "James Bond" theme started to run through my (alleged) mind.

  2. Oustanding Rachel .

    Is there a way to use YouTube to get get the word out ?

  3. I am a gun guy and a gun shop owner
    Thanks you for bring it to the public that us gun pepole are not all red necks.
    I had to order to support the team


  4. Wow, Good Job on the pics they look amazing. Having done biathlon before I know how hard it is to get funding for the sports. Good Luck Ladies


  5. I read a comment about the calendar on line and found you through Google.. Awesome shots and congrats and best wishes and success to the team. If I ever need a photographer you are at the top of my list.. David - Oakville, ON